For users who bought Bookends for iOS v3.0

The subscription model for Bookends for iOS v3 changed shortly after the initial release. Now the purchase of the unrestricted (Full Version) of Bookends for iOS ($9.99) is a one time in-app purchase. Once made, all of the features of Bookends for iOS version 3.x except Cloud Sync will be permanently available. Cloud Sync is a separate in-app purchase ($4.99) for those who want it, and requires a subscription that is renewable on a yearly basis.

If you already bought v3.0 All Access Yearly subscription for $7.99, please send us your receipt from the Apple App Store or make a screenshot of it (iTunes & App Store -> Subscriptions) and send to and we will send you a promo code for a Full Version in-app purchase ($9.99) for free.

If you don't use the promo code Bookends will continue to work on the original iOS device after the first year and you will be able to renew your cloud sync subscription for $4.99. However, if you perform a Restore Purchases for Bookends, for example to download it to another iOS device, only the Cloud Sync Yearly subscription version will be installed, not the newer Full Version in-app purchase, and Bookends will work in the restricted mode. So if you are eligible, please request the free promo code from us.

here to learn how to make a screenshot on your iOS device.