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Note to ex-Sente, Papers 3, and EndNote users: We think you'll find Bookends a good fit. You can easily transfer Sente, Papers 3, and EndNote references and PDFs to Bookends. Bookends can also import from Zotero and Mendeley. Here are the details.

Download and use the demo version of Bookends for free. It will not timeout and is fully functional except for a 50 reference limit. If you need more than that, you can purchase Bookends and the registration code you receive will allow an unlimited number of references.

Collect, find, organize, annotate, sync, share, and publish with Bookends

Reference management entails the collection, annotation, curation, and citation of published information. This is exactly what Bookends does. Bookends searches the Internet to retrieve references, pdfs, or web pages. Versatile groups, Term Lists, reference linking, multiple notecards per reference, searchable PDF tags, PDF annotations linked to notecards, tag clouds, and instantaneous live searches help organize and find information in your personal collection.
Floating citations let you search Bookends, read PDF attachments, create and insert temporary citations and more, from other apps. Highly configurable displays let you view the reference information and attachments the way you want. Scan word processor manuscripts to create publication-ready documents complete with bibliographies and footnotes. Sync references and PDFs and share with others using Bookends for Mac and/or Bookends for iOS. And much more. Compatible with Microsoft Word 2011/2016 and later, Mellel (including Live Bibliography), Apple Pages, Nisus Writer Pro, Manuscripts, and LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

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And no matter what you’ve heard, you
can take it with you—Bookends for iOS


Bookends for iOS version 3

Want to take your Bookends references and pdfs with you? Import references and annotate pdfs on your iPad or iPhone? And then sync them all with Bookends on your Mac? There’s an app for that…Bookends for iOS


Reference Miner version 4.2

A subset of the Bookends Internet search functionality is available in Reference Miner, a standalone lightweight version of Bookends’ online search. Reference Miner lets you explore PubMed, the Library of Congress, Google Scholar, JSTOR (requires access privileges and ip authentication), and Amazon. See it for yourself in the Mac App Store, or take a tour on our web site.