Float like a butterfly...cite like a bee?

You're in the middle of writing a paper, thesis, book, etc., and you want to look up a reference, consult the attached PDF, and insert the temporary citation. With Bookends floating citations you can do this without leaving your word processor or even lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Simply double tap a trigger key (Shift, Control, Command, Option, or Caps Lock) and the floating citation window will appear above the document. This is an example from Word, but it works in any application.

Pasted Graphic

Quickly find the reference you want with a few keystrokes

Pasted Graphic 3

Now you have many of Bookends' functions at your fingertips, so-to-speak: open the attached PDF in your preferred PDF viewer or in Quick Look, create a temporary citation or a final formatted citation and insert it into the body of the text or a footnote, switch to Bookends and go to that reference, and more.

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Floating citations will make you 😎.