Sync Issues - References not removed from iPad

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Sync Issues - References not removed from iPad

Post by RDL »

I use my iPad as a reader, so getting references into BOT from BE is really helpful, and I basically use a static group called 'for iPad' to keep those references I want to be able to access and read.

My problem is, once I've read, annotated and synced back to BE, I then remove these references from the 'for iPad' group in BE. However, when I perform the next sync, it doesn't remove these references from BOT. So far, I have only been able to remove them from BOT by sending them to trash and then deleting them, which, when I sync again, often then asks if I want to remove them from my BE database (which I definitely do not!).

In general, I find the two way sync works really well, particularly for references that have been annotated on the iPad which then get updated back to BE. but keeping my BOT database uncluttered and free from orphaned files is a bit of a pain.

Am I missing something?

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Re: Sync Issues - References not removed from iPad

Post by Jon »

Serge and I are discussing the best way to handle this situation (I think it would make sense to delete the reference on BOT if you are explicitly syncing that group, not the entire database). We'll give this some more thought and see if we can come up with a good solution in an update to BOT and Bookends 12.

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Re: Sync Issues - References not removed from iPad

Post by joao »


Just came up with the same problem as my iPad is getting full.
Is there any news on this issue?
If not, in terms of workarounds, do labels and static group assignments get synced to BOT?
i.e. if I change the label of a reference, or remove a reference from a static group in Bookends, does this information get synced to BOT?



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Re: Sync Issues - References not removed from iPad

Post by Serge »

Yes, this information will be synced to BOT, but the reference will not be deleted from the device (it will be still present in the All references group). Syncing of subset of data (Selected Groups mode) is more difficult than syncing of the whole library. We will try to improve this in the next version of Bookends Wi-Fi sync.

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