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“I bought an iPad just to use Bookends on a tablet...” - Wolf Carpenter (App Store review)

“Bookends is tremendous. It has increased my enjoyment when writing academic papers, which can be difficult and daunting. Picking scientific articles from the online search is such a breeze. Putting them into Apple Pages is quick and precise.” - H.C.S. Lim

“Bookends is an almost unbelievable program! I say 'almost' because I am now daily forced to believe what I see on my Mac screen. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have removed EndNote and Papers from my Mac.”
- M. Hodges

“I cannot tell you enough how tremendously pleased I am with Bookends. I gave a workshop on technology for graduate students at my university and showcased Bookends among other useful software I use; the people who attended really loved it. Its so simple, intuitive…just excellent overall. Thank you so much for improving the quality of the lives of researchers, students, and writers. I think PC users are really missing out.” - Y. Munro

"Bookends is reason enough to switch to a Mac. I say that having used PCs since 1983 and in that time trying my hand at every other database manager for bibliographies--plus rescuing more than one student thesis that foundered on the shoals of Endnote just as some deadline was looming." -
C. Wallace

"Bookends…is a delight. So many things about it are intuitive and easy. The decisions the programmers made are smart. The explanations are marvelously transparent. Software the way it ought to be written.”
- W. Wilson

“I have used EndNote but in a moment of crisis it didn't work. After a frantic search for replacement software I came across Bookends. Quite simply it saved my bacon. It was by far the best piece of software i have ever purchased. I have written several journal publications and book chapters with Bookends and it has never failed to do exactly what I needed, even if I didn't know exactly how to go about it. Fantastic software, invaluable in my work and the best $100 I have spent. It saved me endless hours of hassle. Designed exactly to meet my needs and performed flawlessly on each occasion. I highly recommend this software to any researcher using Mac OS.” - Dr. P. O’Connor, Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I've tried different packages, including Endnote, Papers, and Sente. But Bookends does it all: it is much more flexible, and the support is second to none.”
- G. Gurgos, Professor

“There are very few things one can spend money on that actually change one's life for the better. Bookends is one of them.”
- J. Fueston

“If my house were on fire, I would do anything to save my wife. Similarly, if my computer were on fire, I would do anything to save my Bookends files. Penny for penny, dollar for dollar, Bookends is the best value I've ever gotten from any piece of software.”
- E. Morrow

“I've used a lot of reference management software over the years, starting with my own database on DOS through Reference Manager to Endnote on a PC. This is by far the best bibliography software that I have ever seen.”
- P. West, UK

"You already have a number of excellent testimonials, all I can do is echo the "Wow" factor and congratulate you on the latest “get pdf” feature. This seems to work seamlessly and saves a lot of time. It really makes me think differently about the power of Bookends for helping me with my research…the great just got greater! Top notch!"
- J. S. Burns, Assistant Professor

"WOW! I worked with the evaluation copy for about 5 minutes before realizing that Bookends is the work of a true genius. I am working on my dissertation and was formerly slogging along on a PC with Reference Manager. Now, on a PowerBook with Bookends, I am bibliographically unstoppable!"
- C. Mah, student, University of Toronto

"I absolutely love the trial version! It is so simple to use. It does all of the things that I think to myself "Man, a computer should be able to figure out what I want to do next..." and that is a rare thing!" - A. Bentley, student, Cornell University

"Put me in the queue - it must be kilometres long, of those whose first experience of Bookends was so overwhelmingly positive their trial didn't even last out the first day."
- G. Moyse, student, Deakin University, Australia

"I recently purchased EndNote before really giving Bookends a fair try. After fussing with Endnote for a while, I went back thinking anything would be easier! After a workout, I am really impressed with Bookends. My copy of Endnote is on EBay - and I know some of my Mac OS X friends in the chemistry department will be joining me soon."
- J. Lamb, Ph.D. student, Clemson University

"I've had the demo for a few days and WOW. As a Ph.D. student, this is exactly what I need to make some sense out of a dizzying array of bibliographic data."
- J. M. Thigpen, Ph.D. student, Hebrew Union College

"I imported my 17,000+ references from EndNote into Bookends last night. All I can say is "Wow!" I am delighted with the speed and convenience of Bookends in comparison to EndNote. It will take me a while to stop kicking myself for not converting to Bookends earlier."
- A. Ruegg, Researcher

"I'm really really really liking your program. I've never been so impressed by any piece of software - from usability to usefulness it is incomparable (as a former software tester at Apple, I speak from the experience of likely several thousand apps)."
- Brad, Ph.D. student, University of Washington

"Downloaded the demo and was very impressed. At first it was a little hard to understand how things worked - but that was because I'd got warped into EndNote's torturous ways of working. Thanks for making such a great does everything I was looking for and more, and I even enjoy using it!"
- J. Kitcat, Science & Technology Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex

"Very very cool program, saved the day when Endnote refused to format my bibliography just before a deadline…kudos."
- J. Terpstra, MD

“Have only just started using Bookends and it is clearly superior to EndNote. Congrats on a great job! - E. Sanchez, Professor of Pharmacology, Medical College of Ohio

"I'm switching from Endnote to Bookends! I use Latex, and I like your support for BibTex, and the ease/power ratio of Bookends."
- K. Johnson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"I just spent a couple of days fiddling with EndNote, ProCite, Papyrus and Bookends. You win hands down."
- B. Northcott, University of New South Wales

"Without Bookends, preparing for Ph.D. exams would not be as much fun."
- A. Enkerli, Ph.D. student, Indiana University

"Bookends works like a charm and I greatly prefer it to Pro-Cite, which I discarded in favor of Bookends."
- E. Cline, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma

“Bookends…is simple enough to start using straight away, but it has all you need for the most twisted biblio requirements. For students just getting to grips with the pain of referencing, this app is a joy to behold. - M. Curtis, Student, Charles Sturt University, NSW

"Kudos! Awesome product!! Used it for years....saves lots of time!"
- R. Wong, University of Arizona

"Bookends is one of my most useful applications...Bookends allows me to reference citations and to know exactly where that citation is...For a college student or anyone involved in researching, Bookends is a definite must. I have seen similar applications costing much more and not offering the same features as Bookends."
- R. Gonzalez Sarves, Student

"Documentation is crystal clear with excellent organization. Learning the program is consequently very easy."
- D. K. Wood, Vice President, Phases Environmental

"Bookends is simply the only bibliography application which provides the functionality needed to produce technical papers.... It is particularly useful in dealing with revisions in which the number and order of citations change.... Bookends provides a tremendous time savings and allows me to concentrate on the content of my writing rather than tracking citations." - S. Pickup, Assistant Professor

"Bookends is a real time saver. References can be called almost at the snap of fingers. As a former user of EndNote, I highly recommend Bookends." - D. Skamser, Research Assistant

"I use Bookends to keep about 9,000 references I have read and use regularly for teaching, writing and research. I find it essential to my work." - R. Sprague, University Researcher

"Bookends is my preferred bibliographic data-base program. The other programs that I bought remain unused." - N. Berkholtz, Engineering Manager

"I use Bookends…to keep records of all the current literature! It's great to be able to find all the articles I need to finish projects, put references into patient reports and organize my reprint files." - H. Yee, M.D., Ph.D., Pathology

"Bookends has a clean, intuitive interface. I like that all reference formats are included and the ability to insert citations by content instead of by number into a manuscript is a real time saver." - G. Rodrigues, Post Doctoral Fellow, Pharmacology

"Bookends has been a real help to me…From my ever expanding data base of references, I can easily develop bibliographies about Natural History, Ecology, and resource management topics. Bookends has been a great way to organize, keep track of, and utilize references for research and teaching." - F. McPherson, Biologist/Teacher

"This program is the writer/researcher's "Best Friend." The manual is the best written I've seen--it is simple, easy to understand and straight forward. Bookends is a "dream come true" for those of us who are not among the "computer literate" although I'm certain they would also appreciate this outstanding program!" - P. Bainbridge, Exec. Dir., Nonprofit Org.

"I use Bookends nearly daily in my professional work, keeping track of over 7,000 scientific references and utilizing thousands of key words. The program is easy to operate and utilizes the Macintosh environment beautifully." - D. Ballantine, Ph.D., Professor